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Set Your Internet Advertising On Fire!!

From: Shaikh.M.Ijaz-ul-Haque

Today is the day you take charge of your advertising! Look we all know that Text Ad Exchanges Work Wonders For Advertising and Signups, So I won't Bore You with a Long Drawn Out Index Page Full of Fluff. Signup to be a member of InfernoAdz, Get Awesome Advertising, and Commissions! We Currently Have Over 25 Different Ways for You To Advertise Your Sites and Offers!

Join as a Free Member, and Advertise Your Sites with SuperSolos, Contact Solo Ads and Other Advertising, or You can also Upgrade Your Account to JV Partnership and Receive a Monthly Advertising Package!

Here is what you get as a Monthly Bonus for being a JV Partner of InfernoAdz:
1 SuperSolo Ad
5 SonicSolo Ads
5 Traffic Links w/200 clicks
5 Banner Adz w/2000 views
5 Hot Links w/5000 views
1 Login Adz w/2500 views

An Ads Package Valued at Over $180 Every Month!!

Now Featuring SonicSolos

SonicSolos Go out to All Members of InfernoAdz, UltimateAdz, and Traffic-Time to Triple Your Advertising Efforts! No Other Site Does This! This is a New Feature Coming Soon to Our Network of Sites, Only Available Here Right Now. SonicSolo Click Guarantee - Your SonicSolo is Guranteed to get at Least 250 Clicks in 5 Days, if not, contact support to get it resent!

Site Features

The following features are available to members, depending on your chosen membership level:

  • SonicSolos - Contact Solo Ads Sent to 3 Sites!
  • Credit-based e-mailer to your recruits, up to 10-levels deep
  • Up to 60% commissions for all upgrades and advertising purchases
  • Affordable Super Solo Ads to 14,000+ members and growing daily
  • Monthly advertising package for JV Partners
  • Referral activity and daily login bonuses
  • Add Your Sites to into the Traffic Exchange
  • Surf Our New Traffic-Exchange!

New Member Bonuses

All members are invited to use promo codes: signmeup and You will be provided 3 SonicSolo Ads, 3 Banner Ads, 3 Traffic Links, 1 Headline Ad, 1 AdsPlus Ad, 1 Premium Ad, 1 Button Ad, 1 Block Ad, 1 HotLink, and 20,000 Points!

Exclusive Promo Codes From Some of Your Favorite Sites!
Cash Solos, TextAdDreams, Text Ads World, GlobalProfitAds, MegaProfitsGroup-TextAds, Joint-VentureAds.... And some Very Nice Admin Partners like Kenneth Kraakstad, Melissa Glenny, Stacy McArthur, Amy Gaudio, Anne Gath, and many more!

One Time and Special Offers

Upon signing up, you will be presented with one or more OTOs (One-Time Offers) to join InfernoAdz. These OTOs are provided to give you significant price reductions for our upgraded memberships, as well as additional advertising opportunities. The OTOs will be modified/increased at various membership increments. Some will only be available for a very limited time, so take your time, and read each offer carefully. You can Compare Memberships Here

Join Today and Set Your Internet Advertising On Fire!

Make the Choice!

As a member of this site, please follow these rules:

1. Any account using Boxbe, SpamArrest, or any type of autoresponder will be deleted immediately regardless of their account type or commissions owed!

2. This is NOT a PTC/PTP/PTR site! There are active member rewards, BUT active means posting your ads, as well as reading ads.

3. Absolutely NO Submitters Allowed .

JV Partnership

4000 points for every referral

Post 20 times a day

$25.00 for every Paid JV Referral

$15.00 for every Paid Pro Referral

Price: $50.00 Lifetime

Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!

Pro Membership

$14.00 for every Paid JV Partner Referral(excluding OTO)

$7.50 for every Paid Pro Referral(excluding OTO)

Price: $25.00 Lifetime or 50000 points Lifetime

CLICK On Enough Ads And Get Upgraded For Free!

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Free Membership

$10.00 for every JV Partner Referral(excluding OTO)

$5.00 for every Paid Referral(excluding OTO)

Price: Free

NO AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink, Comcast, ATT Email Addresses
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